Luxury Orthopaedic – Mattress – Small Double

Luxury Orthopaedic - Mattress Small Double 4FT The Luxury Orthopaedic Range offers luxury and comfort on a 12.5 gauge bonnell spring, 1200 gram super orthopaedic fibre and cotton damask and offers firm orthopaedic support. Perfect for those wanting a thicker, more luxurious mattress. -12.5 Gauge -Both Side Framed 6G Wire -1250 Gram Dual Pad Spring Seal -1400 Gram Natural Fibres Both Sides -Hand Tuffed -Finished Handmade Stitched Fabric -Damask Fire Treated F/R -Tape Edged Finish Please Note: Colour & design of mattress fabric is subject to change / Mattress Only.
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Dimensions 190 × 120 cm