What furniture does a landlord have to provide?

What furniture does a landlord have to provide

If you’re a landlord, or work for a local council or housing association and are charged with furnishing properties, it’s important to know what furniture you are obligated to provide.

Here at 4 Front Furniture, we specialise in supplying a wide range of furniture for buy-to-let landlords and council and social housing. In this blog, we’ll discuss the furniture that you need to provide your tenants with.

What furniture does a landlord need to provide in an unfurnished property?

Whilst the term ‘unfurnished’ suggests that your rental property will be provided in an entirely bare state, there are certain things that tenants can still reasonably expect. These include:

  • Kitchen fixtures – Cabinets, a sink and anything else that’s built into the kitchen.
  • White goods – An oven, fridge, freezer and washing machine are usually expected to be present.
  • Bathroom fixtures – A sink, toilet and shower.
  • Carpets or other flooring, along with window coverings, such as curtains or blinds.
  • Smoke alarms.

If any of the key elements above are not present in your rental property, this should be clearly detailed in the property description. This will avoid missing items coming as a shock when your tenants move in.

What furniture does a landlord need to provide in a furnished property?

If you are letting your property as ‘partially furnished’, you should provide a full list of all the furniture that is included. So, if there is a sofa in the living room but there are no beds in the bedrooms, this should be clarified to any prospective tenants.

A property that is listed as ‘fully furnished’ must include all basic furniture, such as a sofa, a table, kitchen chairs, beds, and wardrobes.

However, there is no formal definition, and many landlords also choose to include kitchen appliances, cutlery, a television and more.

Some tenants would prefer a furnished property, whilst others already have all their own furniture and don’t want to pay to store it. Therefore, items can sometimes be added or removed as part of an offer.

Dining furniture for rental properties

If you choose to let your property in a partially or fully furnished state, then it’s important to remember to include dining furniture, such as a table and kitchen chairs.

As housing associations, landlords and councils are often working to strict budgets, it’s vital that all furniture is reasonably priced as well as being durable, so it doesn’t need to be replaced often.

Plastic chairs are the perfect solution for dining furniture in rental properties.

They’re lightweight, so can be moved around to accommodate a range of needs, from dining to homework. Plastic chairs also provide useful additional seating when your tenants have extra guests.

Plastic kitchen chairs are also extremely durable, and can’t be dented or scratched easily. They’re also waterproof, stain-resistant, and very easy to maintain.

We recommend plastic kitchen chairs as the ideal solution for any landlord looking for dining furniture for rental properties, as they will last for many years and throughout multiple tenancies.

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