Advantages of Plastic Kitchen Chairs

Advantages of plastic kitchen chairs

The unsung hero of kitchens everywhere, the plastic kitchen chair is versatile, minimalist, and easy to maintain.
In this blog, we’ll discuss the many advantages of the plastic kitchen chairs we stock here at 4 Front Furniture.

1.    Plastic kitchen chairs are lightweight

As plastic is such a lightweight material, plastic kitchen chairs are easy to move. This makes them ideal for use in a variety of settings.
Chairs can be used for dining at the table in the morning, homework at a child’s desk after school and back to the table for the evening meal.
Our lightweight plastic chairs can be moved around easily and quickly, as often as necessary. This makes them a great option for extra seating when your tenants have guests.

2.    Plastic kitchen chairs are affordable

Here at 4 Front Furniture, we cater to landlords, councils, and housing associations, and we understand that our clients are working with strict budgets.
Since plastic is one of the cheapest materials to produce, plastic kitchen chairs are a cost-effective alternative to chairs made from wood or metal. And when paired with stylish décor and accessories, they are just as aesthetically appealing, too.
Our plastic kitchen chairs are the ideal choice for housing associations and landlords looking for affordable, quality seating.

3.    Plastic kitchen chairs are durable

Resistant to knocks, shocks and scratches, plastic kitchen chairs are a great option for rental properties inhabited by families with young children.
Chairs made from metal can often bend or dent, but plastic kitchen chairs will stay in great shape for years to come.

4.    Easy to maintain

As they are highly stain-resistant, plastic kitchen chairs are extremely easy to maintain.
Just a quick wipe down with soapy water once in a while is enough to keep them looking as good as new throughout multiple tenancies.

5.    Plastic kitchen chairs are waterproof

Whereas metal chairs can rust, and wooden chairs are prone to rotting, plastic kitchen chairs suffer from neither of these afflictions.
As they are completely waterproof, plastic chairs are all-weather friendly. They can just as easily be used as outdoor seating in the warmer months for barbeques as they can for indoor seating for the rest of the year.

6.    Plastic chairs are comfortable

Our plastic kitchen chairs are very comfortable, providing much needed lumbar support.
Their lack of arm rests means that they are not restrictive to movement, making them a great option for office setups and dining arrangements alike.7.    Easy to accessorise
Pairing beautifully with Scandinavian and contemporary interiors, our plastic kitchen chairs are easy to accessorise. Simply add colourful cushion pads for extra comfort and a stylish aesthetic.
As our plastic chairs are available in both white and grey options, they partner perfectly with absolutely any colour scheme or décor.

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